Another Mindful Moment With Mandy


Am I Doing it Wrong?

Another Mindful Moment with Mandy

So often, I hear people asking this question about meditation. They show up enthusiastic and ready to achieve their "ZEN Moment." Only to find their minds are sporadic and chaotic. Their bodies are twitchy, they can't hold still and time just drags on and on. Soon they discover they've fallen asleep and when they wake, they're left feeling perplexed.

My response is, "absolutely not!" I loved hearing one lady's explanation relating the beginning of building your meditation practice to being like when you decide to start going to the gym and get fit. The first few times are not your best experience, it's difficult, and you're not conditioned.

If you can let go of the expectation that the first few times you meditate will be pure bliss, it may make the experience more enjoyable and more your likely to continue. Maybe it's going the way it's supposed to. Maybe it's meant to be difficult initially, and perhaps it will get easier and more relaxing as you go. Just like when you stick with exercising, it gets easier, and you become more fit, healthy and energized.

Many different types of meditation come with different suggestions on how to maximize your experience; however, remember the best meditation is the one you do consistently. Stick with it and stop trying to control the outcome. Let go, breathe, and notice what is.

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Monday, 05 June 2023

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