Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is best described as being in the present moment without judgment. While this may sound like a piece of cake, it's no easy task for some. There are those of us that dread the past and fear the future, which leaves us trapped in anxiety and depression. Crippled in fear and unable to process our emotions or use them as the indicators they are meant to be. Our emotions are indicators that something is going on, and we need them to feel our way through life. The practice of mindfulness can help decrease stress, anxiety, and depression while helping regulate emotions. It helps improve well-being and supports a satisfying life. Generally, the most challenging part about practicing mindfulness is starting. In today's world, when everything seems to be going a thousand miles an hour, our to-do lists never end, and people pride themselves on "being busy," I dare you to pause. Take a minute to focus your attention mindfully and purposely on the present moment—and accept it without judgment.

Allow yourself to be.

To feel, deal and heal.